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Any type of donation really goes a really long way and is appreciated by all Reptile Hunter staff and of course, our animals!

It's not all about the money...

Money donations are AMAZING!! They help us buy/ build proper indoor and outdoor enclosures for our rescues, help purchase medicine, and allow us to buy specific materials that aren't typically donated. If you'd like to help Reptile Hunter in any of these avenues, a money donation is best for you! 

There are also many ways to donate outside of money! Here are some materials that are always welcomed to be donated:

- Paper Towels

- Towels

- Weewee pads

- Dog/cat food

-Rabbit food/hay

- Reptile supplies including lighting, supplements, and decorations

- Cages including reptile, bird, small mammal, kennels, and outdoor enclosures

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